blood orange & vanilla sorbet + my Mod juicer

On our recent trip to Berry, I checked out the op shops, one of my favourite holiday pass times. There in the Vinnies was a brand new, still in the box ice cream maker for $10 – yay! When we got back home I didn’t care that it was cold, rainy & miserable, I wanted to use it. I’ve been itching to make a blood orange sorbet. So lucky for me it’s blood orange season! I made this very simple blood orange & vanilla sorbet, infused with freshly ground vanilla bean & a touch of maple syrup.

blood orange & vanilla sorbet

I used my Mod Juicer (more on that later) to cold press the blood oranges for this blood orange & vanilla sorbet & ended up with 2 cups of juice,
Then I warmed 1/4 cup of that juice with 1/4 cup of maple syrup & 1/4 tsp of a fresh ground vanilla bean until the maple syrup had dissolved & the vanilla was infused.
I then mixed this with the rest of the juice & transferred to the fridge to cool.
Once cold enough I churned it in my $10 ice cream machine. It turned out beautifully, even if my ice cream maker died shortly after making this…

tbh_blood orange vanilla sorbet_3

A little bit about why I love my Mod Juicer, many moons ago I owned a juicer, it was your common, high-speed traditional juicer. It was very loud, messy, hard to clean & because of that rarely got used, spending most of its life shoved in the back of my cupboard. I think it either ended up in a garage sale, or I gave it to someone, either way, it’s probably in the back of someone else’s cupboard now! I can honestly say my new Mod Cold Press Juicer is nothing like my old one. It’s quite, easy to clean & produces the most beautiful tasting juice. My whole family is obsessed. It looks great too, so instead of being banished to the back of the cupboard, this guy has its own special place on the kitchen bench.

tbh_blood orange vanilla sorbet_2Unlike my old juicer, the slow process of cold pressing maintains the living enzymes in the fruit & vegetables, which can be easily absorbed into our bodies. We have found this especially helpful during the winter months to keep bugs at bay. Also, I’ve found because it doesn’t heat the juice it doesn’t oxidise & turn a yucky brown colour. Making it easy to juice enough for up to 3 days (perfect for busy mornings) & store in glass jars in the fridge.

With all the amazing citrus fruit around we have been stocking up at the markets & juicing to our hearts content! With a family of 5, it sure beats juicing them by hand! We have also been getting creative with the leftover pulp, throwing it into muffins or crackers.

We had lots of mandarins that we brought back from Berry, from my mother in laws tree. It might seem like a crazy thing to do in winter, but with the leftover juice, we made some ice blocks. You could wait a few weeks to eat them when it’s a bit warmer, but nothing ever lasts that long in our house! lol. There’s no recipe, just 2 ingredients cold-pressed mandarin juice & sliced strawberries. They worked out so well that we made another lot with apple, kale & ginger! That’s it, just 3 ingredients. o added sugar & no nasties! There was no time for photos, they were gobbled up in minutes.

We are looking forward to the arrival of spring in the coming weeks & all the amazing fruity ice blocks it will bring, so watch this space.

I’d love to know, Do you have a juicer? and if you do, what do you make with your juice or pulp?

Tina x

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