recycled herb pots from tin cans – easy how to

recycled herb potsThis month I have been working with MUTTI POMODORO to bring you some yummy recipes using their tinned tomatoes (stay tuned for some yummy recipes). So naturally, I acquired quite a tin can collection. I always repurpose my glass jars (I love them) and prefer them over plastic for storing food. So being the frugal up-cycler that I am I thought these leftover tin cans would make great recycled herb pots.recycled herb potsAs you can see these herb pots work well with any size tin can. I found the very large Mutti can at my local fruit shop. Isn’t it cool!

“Having a small space for a garden shouldn’t stop you from growing a few herbs or pretty flowers to attract bees & butterflies”

How to make recycled herb pots from tin cans
1. You will need to add a few drainage holes in the bottom of your can. I used a little nail & hammer to do this.
2. Add a small square of old fabric or some pebbles to the bottom of the tin (to stop the dirt getting through).
3. Add some dirt/potting mix.
4. Add your seedling. If you are patient you could always use seeds. They are cheaper than seedlings but take longer.
5. Add some more dirt/potting mix around your seedling.
6. Waterrecycled herb pots

“If you are tight on space (like me) & don’t have enough room for a full blown veggie patch – go up!”

Here are some ways to use your recycled herb pots.
1. Re-purpose an old ladder
I was given this cute little ladder some months ago as it’s very rickety & you would not dare stand on it. Don’t you think it makes the perfect little place to hold some pots?recycled herb pots2. Make use of your fence pailings
Add a couple of holes & sting & hang over your fence pailings.
recycled herb pots3. Make a hanging planter
Add holes, use string or chain and stack three or 4 tin cans above each other. Hang from a hook.
recycled herb pots4. Don’t forget about steps
Make use of any vertical steps around your garden. A few pots lined up the edge looks very welcoming.
How to make herb pots from recycled tin cansMaybe you don’t have a garden? Well, you could always line up a few little pots on your window sill & have homegrown herbs on hand.
recycled herb potsWhat to plant?
Well, because it’s winter here in Australia, we are planting mint, oregano, parsley, sage, thyme, dill or chamomile. If you are after some flowers & colour for your garden how about lavender, winter rose, paper daisy, daphne or hardenbergia.

Happy planting,
Tina x
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This post is sponsored by MUTTI POMODORO. All opinions expressed are purely my own, as always. Thank you so much for supporting the companies that support this blog.
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recycled herb pots

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