sunshine smoothie with orange, banana, ginger + turmeric

I’m so in love with this colour… even if it’s making me feel like a green smoothie traitor! Refreshing with a nice little ginger kick, best served icy cold :)sunny-smoothie-720x470

‘sunshine smoothie’ with orange, banana, ginger + turmeric

(dairy free, raw, vegan, paleo)


250 ml coconut water (I use rawC)
2 small frozen bananas (if your bananas aren’t frozen just add some ice)
2 small whole oranges (skin, white pith & seeds removed)
2 tbs Loving Earth coconut paste
1 small thumb size piece of fresh ginger
1 large slice of orange zest (approx 3 x 6cm)
1 tsp of ground turmeric

Blitz all ingredients in a high-speed blender & drink up!

The jar pictured holds (650ml) enough for two, or if you are anything like me one serve :)
Tina xo

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