Coconut Caramel Bars – Vegan & Gluten Free

Coconut caramel bars are for those times you want to quickly banish 3.30-itis! They are the perfect guilt-free treat to have stashed in the freezer. Having something healthy & delicious tucked away for the times when I don’t have time is so important. It’s nice to have treats to offer friends who “drop-in” for a coffee, a “pre-sport” snack for the kids or a “kids have gone to bed… now I’m watching a movie” snack.
Just a word of warning, though, they are highly addictive 🙂


Author: Tina Khoury (The Barefoot Housewife)
Category: dessert



1/2 cup raw almonds
1/2 cup of shredded coconut
1/2 cup of activated buckwheat (this is buckwheat that has been soaked, washed, rinsed & dehydrated at a low temperature) I use Loving Earth Organic Activated Buckinis as I don’t own a dehydrator, but you could easily make your own. Actually, almost all the ingredients used are Loving Earth.
6 dates
2 tbs coconut oil

2 cups of soaked raw cashews (I soak them overnight) washed & drained
12 Medjool dates
3 tbs coconut oil
a large pinch of Himalayan (or good quality) salt

Chocolate Topping
1/2 cup of shaved cacao butter
1/3 cup of raw cacao powder
2 tbs maple syrup
1/2 tsp vanilla powder
small pinch of Himalayan (or good quality) salt
1 1/2 cups of toasted shredded coconut


  1. Line a tin or container (with a base of 23cm x 13cm) with cling wrap. Let some overhang the edge of the tin. This makes the slice easier to remove later.
  2. In a food processor or high-speed blender (Optimum 9400) place all the base ingredients & blitz until it just comes together. Press evenly into the tin & pop into the freezer while you make the caramel.
  3. In your processor/blender & blend all the caramel ingredients until smooth.
  4. Layer this over your base and pop back into the freezer to firm up.
  5. To make the chocolate topping melt the cacao butter in a bowl over a pot of simmering water, once melted remove from the heat and add in the maple syrup & stir. Then add in the cacao powder & vanilla & stir well.
  6. Quickly pour the chocolate topping over the caramel & sprinkle the toasted coconut on top. Because the slice is cold the chocolate will harden quickly, so you need to be fast! I like to store this in the freezer as it doesn’t set rock hard & it’s a good hiding place 🙂

Tina xo

p.s. If you make this treat please tag me on Instagram or #thebarefoothousewife I’d love to see it!