Matcha Chia Pudding + Macerated Strawberries

If matcha had a best friend I’m pretty sure it would be strawberries. This nutrient-rich matcha chia pudding is the perfect easy breakfast and it’s naturally sweetened. High in antioxidants, packed full of fibre, plant protein, omega 3 & calcium. So, if you want to increase your mental alertness & energy for the day give this healthy breakfast a try.

Matcha chia pudding with macerated strawberries might sound a bit complicated, but honestly, it’s so easy! The chia pudding is made the night before by mixing chia seeds & liquid, in this case, coconut milk. All you have to do in the morning is macerate your strawberries (which basically means to make soft by soaking or steeping in a liquid). Then add the two together, see easy!

This matcha chia pudding only uses a handful of ingredients, so I recommend using the best quality you can find. The flavours will really shine if they are fresh & seasonal, even better if they are homegrown. Strawberries that are in-season will have more flavour, real vanilla, coconut milk without any weird additives or emulsifiers (I use Ayam) & good quality matcha, my favourite is Green Wild Matcha.

After writing this post I think it has a distinct Christmas vibe to it. Probably something to do with all the green & red, lol. I’m definitely putting this one on my list for Christmas breakfast or brunch. It can get so hot here at Christmas, so not having to turn on the oven or be near a stove is a very appealing thought. It’s only spring while I type this & the last 2 days have been around 30°c. I think this summer is going to be a hot one indeed!


Author: Tina Khoury (The Barefoot Housewife)
Category: baking



Matcha chia pudding
2 cups of coconut milk
8 tbs chia seeds
2 tbs maple syrup
1/2 – 1 tsp matcha

Macerated strawberries
1 punnet of ripe strawberries (250g)
1 tbs coconut sugar
Large pinch of freshly ground vanilla bean
A few leaves of finely sliced fresh mint


  1. For the matcha chia pudding mix together coconut milk, chia seeds & maple syrup.
  2. Stir again after 5 minutes to remove any clumps & store in a sealed jar in the fridge.
  3. In the morning add your matcha powder & mix well. I recommend starting with a small amount of matcha, say 1/2 tsp & then tasting. In the pictures above I divided the pudding into 2 bowls & added 1/2 tsp to one bowl & 1 tsp to the other, so the glasses could have a two-tone effect. This is not necessary & completely for looks. The beauty is you can add as much or as little matcha as you like.
  4. For the macerated strawberries, dice your strawberries & mix with the coconut sugar & vanilla until the juices from the strawberries appear, approximately 15-20mins.
  5. Then mix through your finely sliced mint.
  6. Spoon your pudding into glass jars, top with macerated strawberries & enjoy!

Thank you,
Tina x