Upside Down Orange Cake With Vanilla

For me, one of the hardest things about blogging is writing my posts. I’ve never really been comfortable with expressing myself in that way, but I imagined over time it would get easier. Unfortunately, it hasn’t. It slows me down, causes me to procrastinate (one of my biggest flaws) & prevents me from publishing posts. So I’m thinking of just keeping this blog more of a visual blog & space to share my recipes. That’s where my true passion is. I have always been visual, I guess that’s how I became a Graphic Designer & now food photographer/stylist. I would love to know your thoughts on this. Do you enjoy reading posts or do you prefer to look at the photography?

When I was a kid mum threw Bessemer parties. One lady (the host) would get a bunch of her friends together to buy cookware. Mum would demonstrate how amazing it was to make a cake on the stove top. She would make pineapple upside down cake with the glacé cherries in the centre of the pineapples. I think from memory it was a packet cake. Fast forward from the late eighties to today & now I find myself making upside down cake. Hopefully, mine isn’t as kitsch!

Not a packet cake, but just as easy to make, my cake is free from eggs, dairy & refined sugar. I’ve also managed to cut out any vegan butter & replace it with coconut oil. This cake is fluffy, moist & not too sweet. However, the magic happens when you turn this cake over! Transforming from just a cake to a beautiful celebration of oranges (blood, cara cara & navel) creating a lovely upside down ombre orange cake. Your guests will find it hard to believe this cake is vegan.

Hope you love this upside down ombre orange cake, but if chocolate is more your thing, check out my simple vegan chocolate sheet cake

Tina x


Author: Tina Khoury (The Barefoot Housewife)

Category: dessert



1 whole blood orange
1 whole cara cara orange
1 whole navel orange
1 cup (250ml) soy milk
2 tbs lemon juice
3 cups (450g) of plain flour
3 tsp baking powder
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda/bi carb soda for short (also know as baking soda)
3/4 cup of organic raw sugar (similar consistency to castor sugar)
1 tsp vanilla paste (or 1 vanilla pod scraped)
2 tbs orange zest


  1. Preheat oven to 175C (no fan)
  2. Peel & thinly slice the blood, cara cara & navel oranges.
  3. Spray a 24cm non-stick pan with a little coconut oil.
  4. Lay your orange slices in the bottom of the pan creating an ombre effect.
    This will be what you see when the cake is flipped over.
  5. Mix together soy & lemon juice & let it sit for a few minutes until it’s
    thick & resembles buttermilk.
  6. In a large bowl sift together flour, baking powder & baking soda.
  7. Add the raw sugar and mix well.
  8. Add the vanilla paste and orange zest to your soy milk and lemon, mixing
  9. Add your milk mixture, coconut oil, and orange juice to your dry ingredients
    and fold together gently. Taking care not to over mix.
  10. Working quickly spoon mixture into your tin over the orange slices and pop
    into your preheated oven.
  11. Bake for 40 mins or until a skewer comes out clean (it’s a good idea to
    check it around 30 mins).
  12. Cool in the tin before flipping over.
  13. Gently turn out onto a rack to cool completely.
  14. Serve on its own or with coconut yoghurt.