Kids Chocolate Protein Pops

Kids chocolate protein pops – the perfect after school treat. Enjoy them on their own as a healthy snack. Or pimp them up by dipping in homemade chocolate & your choice of sprinkles. Creamy & sweet from coconut milk, ripe bananas & dates I’m sure you will enjoy them as much as we did. They are the perfect snack to have stashed in the freezer during those long dog days of summer! This combination would also make a great thick shake, just use frozen bananas instead.

It’s the addition of The Super Elixir Kids Nourishing Protein that I love. This Australian made organic brown rice & pea protein got a big thumbs up from my boys because of it’s great chocolate flavour. I love it just as much as them, but for different reasons. A few secret ingredients that caught my eye were probiotics, flaxseed, carrot, pomegranate, broccoli, beetroot, apple & pumpkin. So as a result you will probably see more kid-friendly snacks using this kid-approved plant protein. If you have any suggestions please let me know.

Also, we survived our first week back at school. Chocolate helps! All my worries about my oldest traveling to and from school finally squashed. He is now an expert bus catcher (well almost). Proving that he was indeed ready for greater responsibility and as a result is thriving with his newfound independence. When my boys were younger I was never a fan of the saying “they grow up so fast”. As a mum of three small boys it didn’t feel fast at all, but maybe at some point, it speeds up. Maybe that’s the point people are referring to? that moment that makes you want to hit pause. For me that moment is now!

Tina x

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Author: Tina Khoury (The Barefoot Housewife)
Category: dessert



2 cups of chopped (very ripe) spotty bananas
4 pitted dates
1/2 cup coconut milk
2 Scoops of Super Elixir Kids Nourishing Protein

Chocolate topping
1/2 cup chopped cacao butter
1/2 cup cacao powder
Maple syrup or preferred sweetener to taste

This could include: granola, crushed nuts (pistachios, peanuts, almonds, pecans you name it), toasted coconut, freeze-dried berries, dried fruit, have fun with it!


  1. Blend all the pop mixture in a high-speed blender.
  2. Pour into popsicle moulds & freeze overnight.
  3. This mix made 6 pops, however might make more or less depending on the size/shape of your mould.
  4. To make the chocolate topping gently melt the cacao butter over a double boiler, take off the heat & whisk in the cacao powder & maple syrup (or preferred sweetener) to taste.
  5. Dip the pops into the chocolate topping, then the sprinkles.
  6. *Eat straight away or wrap individually & freeze in an airtight container.

Thank you to The Super Elixir for supplying the kids nourishing protein for this recipe. Thank you so much for supporting the companies that support this blog.

All opinions expressed are purely my own, as always.